Becas de alojamiento y viaje para el Congreso Internacional de Cítricos 2012

El Comité Organizador del 12 º Congreso Internacional de Cítricos ha convocado becas para el alojamiento y viaje de estudiantes que vayan a asistir al próximo Congreso que se celebrará en Valencia, del 18 a 23 noviembre 2012. Las bases se pueden consultar en el siguiente enlace: Bases de becas estudiantes Más información del congreso en:

The Organizing Committee of the 12th International Citrus Congress (ICC 2012) has

been able to collect a considerable amount of funds from private sponsors, which is

allowing us to open now the possibility of offering travel grants for students to attend to

the forthcoming Congress to be held in Valencia, Spain, from November 18-23, 2012,

under the theme “Citrus and Health”.

Who is eligible for the grants?

Only students who are contributing as first authors of a presentation (either oral or poster)

to the meeting are eligible. We will consider as students only those currently working on

their PhD thesis or that presented it along 2011 or 2012. The tentative abstract must be

submitted when applying for the travel grant.

What is the value of the awards?

25 to 50 travel grants of 500 - 1000 Euros will be awarded. They will cover hotel expenses

and in some cases (long distances) part of the flight ticket. The Awarding Committee

may decide to modify the number of grants and their amount depending on the number

and quality of applicants. Hotel reservation and payment will be made by the Organization.

The flight grants will be paid during the congress in cash in Euros currency.

What is required for the application?

Applicants must send their CV, the abstract of their tentative presentation (indicating if it

will be presented as an oral contribution or poster), a document proving their student /

recent PhD status, and a letter of support written in English from their supervisor/s.

How will the decision be taken?

The awardees will be decided by the Organizing Committee of the International Citrus

Congress. The criteria that will be taken into consideration will be the scientific merit of

the abstract, the scientific trajectory of the applicant as expressed in the CV and the

country of origin of the applicant (distance to Valencia and Human development index).

Important dates

The deadline for application is June 1st 2012.

The final decision will be taken not later than two weeks after the deadline.


The letter of application, document stating current student status, letter from the supervisor,

CV and tentative abstract should be sent by e-mail to the ICC 2012 Secretary, Tania

Navarro .